This holiday season is shaping up to be a lot different than holidays in the past thanks to COVID-19 – and especially the second wave that has seen many areas of the country hit hard with new cases.


While we’re thankful for online shopping so we can still treat those we love to special gifts, this year is also an opportunity for savings as we won’t have the typical entertaining expenses of hosting larger groups.


And while it’s tempting to make extra online purchases to help us experience a little extra retail therapy to make up for not being able to spend time with everyone we’d like to see, if you can resist that urge, you’ll thank yourself later.


In fact, over a third of Canadians are planning to drastically reduce what they would normally spend this holiday season. And another third are seriously considering making cuts. What a reduced budget will do is help you and your family focus on helping others, safely connecting with loved ones and giving, though smallish, from the heart. 


It’s a great time to get out of debt

Thinking ahead and taking equity out of your home for the spending you plan to do as well as to pay off high-interest debt associated with existing credit card balances and other monthly expenses could actually help bring more joy back into your holiday season. 


There are penalties for paying your mortgage loan out prior to renewal, but these can be offset by the lower rates you’ll pay by rolling debt into your mortgage as opposed to keeping balances on high-interest debt such as credit cards and credit lines. 


With access to more money, you’ll be better able to manage both your holiday spending and existing debt. Refinancing your mortgage and taking some existing equity out could also enable you to make investments, do some renovations or even invest in your children’s education. 


By refinancing now and planning ahead, you can put yourself and your family in a better financial position. It’s very important to not rack up your credit cards and credit lines after refinancing, however, so set your goals and budgets, and stick to them.


Have questions about building a budget and/or refinancing your mortgage? Answers are a call or email away!